Welcome  Quintáns- Muxía (A Coruña)

"Who could walk on green waters of this sea.

And by the gray air who could, great sea, to let itself go.

Sea of Muxía

that in its stone boat would take to me."

José Ángel Valente

Casa Ogando

Between Malpica and Fisterra (End of the World) is A Costa da Morte (The Death Coast), call thus by the numerous shipwrecks that in this coast have happened and by old pagan cults related to the transit of the soul.

In the heart of A Costa da Morte, for many people the most beautiful coast of Galicia and of Iberian Peninsula due to the force of the nature and the savage of its beaches, is Muxía, marine town by excellence.

And in Muxía, in a very calm zone called Quintáns, it’s Casa Ogando (Ogando House), to about 2 km of beaches of one of the most special places of the Galician land, where the visitor can walk and enjoy a peace without equal, relax a weekend or spend complete vacations with the family.


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